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About us

Our company building.

Since more than 50 years the company Piepenbring is a specialist for the repair of nozzles, tyre filling devices as well as gas refeeding pumps. The company was founded in 1934 in Düsseldorf.

Due to the permanently increasing order volume for repairs a move to a larger production site was unavoidable, thus since November 2010 Piepenbring is located in Korschenbroich not far from Düsseldorf.

Thanks to highly qualified service repairs and an order execution which is done in due time our performances are not only required in Germany but also abroad within Europe.

Especially the repair of nozzles of the company Elaflex, tyre pressure measuring devices of the companies BlitzRotary, EWO and Mahle as well as gas refeeding pumps are made at a competent and qualified level.

Our repair shop.

Our formula of success is a mixture of features such as competitiveness, optimization of repair processes, marketability as well as our foresight.